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7 Steps to Create a New Home

Get the house you dream off and even enjoy the process by following this architect’s guide to build a new house.

Whether building new or renovating an existing structure, it is a journey to discover who you are, what you like, how you want to live and where you want to be. Is an opportunity for you to define your relationships to family, friends and love ones.

Like any journey, you begin with some research and plan your trip. You’ll want to have vision of what the end result will be and how much it cost. And while you have any doubt about building your own desire home, enjoy this guide as it shows you the way will likely mean a more enjoyable, fun, inspiring and overall better journey.

Let’s look at the steps,

1. Set goals.

Like any new projects, goal setting is very important is where you taking each steps to compete your ultimate objective. Your list of goal should include both practical and emotional element. Each is important, and each needs to be recognized so that the end result will reflect a totality.

Question to ask:

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • What will this cost?

  • Can it be achieved?

  • Does plan A make sense?

  • What’s plan B?

2. Set up a budget.

A budge must be in any goal statement, it’s such an important piece that we separate into different task. When setting your budget, it is important to begin with what you can afford, and how the cost of your house fits in your overall plans in the future. Your statement should include every details and cost that will go into the project such as local fees and taxes, design and engineering fees, construction fees, furniture, house equipment and decorating material.

Don’t forget a healthy contingency that always set your budget slightly higher. As any complex projects, things will happen, the road from point A to point B might have a detour or two. Make sure these little accidents won’t send you over the edge.

3. Assemble a Team.

While you might be thinking to go alone, assembling a team of professional is the better approach. After all, this might your single largest investment on building your dream house, why wouldn’t you trust on an experienced team that won’t be learning on your dime?

An interior designer and contractor are going to be your most important team member. We suggest you to look for designer and contractor that have a very good past record or previous project and with good reputation. Because these people will act as guide, therapist, advocate and counsellor throughout the journey of building your house. Designer and contractors that have a good reputation can ensure the journey is all the more enjoyable.

4. Plan, plan and more plan.

Every small or large project I’ve ever worked on has one thing in common. It is the importance of planning the project in detail before starting to build. The owners knew that moving walls on paper is whole lot cheaper than moving walls after they’re built. So embark on a robust planning and design phase.

  • “What if” plan. Sometimes the first design is the right answer, sometimes it’s the 31th. Just remember not to settle until you’ve explored all the possibilities. You do not want to say after the house has been built, “we should have done…”. However, this approach might take you a lot of time and money.

  • Go big or go home. I don’t mean big as in size, but big in ideas. Building a house from scratch is an exercise in making something that’s yours. So dream big and have grand plans. There will be time enough to deal with the realities of budget.

  • Sweat the small stuff. Decision, decision, decision. You’ll be asked to make many – more than you can imagine. But stay to the objective when you setting your goal. Simply change the design when it’s half way done can be very costly and time consuming.

5. Accept the inevitable.

So you made the plans, got the permits, and secured the money, now the only thing left is to build your house, and it should all come together as smooth as silk. Easy right?

Things happen sometimes. How you and your team react to these hiccups will be important. I would suggest you to stay calm, keep your sense of humor and work with your team to address the problem. This is where having an experienced team in place is so important. An architect, a builder and others who can work together and share ideas without criticizing one another will go a long way to help you keep your sanity.

Some tips for staying sane during construction:

  • Don’t Change your mind. Quickly make all the decision you have to, select all of the finishes and don’t change your mind. Yes, you might encounter some issues or challenges during the process. But bear in mind that once construction starts, it will cost you time, money and perhaps a trip or two to a therapist if you keep changing your mind.

  • Turn a deaf ear to going on. Every construction site is filled with workers complaining. After all, who doesn’t complain about his or her job? The best thing you can do is ignore it. Don’t worry; if it really is an issue, you’ll be told about it.

6. Enjoy your new home.

You’ve worked hard and spent more than a thousand to create the house you ever dream off, so enjoy it to the max. Revel in the way the light falls across each room. Discover how this place gives shape to your life and allows you to become the person you want to be.

In the end you will be amazed that your new house is so much more than the sum of just three bedrooms, living room and so on. It’s the place you get to call home.

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