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The story of Zenray Began in 2007 when it started as a distributor of T5 electronic ballast in Malaysia. Through hard work and proven system, we managed to secure a few signature projects like Digi Head Office, Perodua showroom, Grand-Season Hotel and etc. Significantly, we have helped them to save up to 30% of their electricity expenses with our Zenray Lighting system.


As the LED lighting technology start to emerge, our founder has foreseen a brighter future in LED Lights technology. Thus, in 2010, we started our R&D in manufacturing LED Driver locally. We adopt the LED lights technology from Taiwan and Japan to produce and create our own local brand, ZENRAY.


Today, Zenray carries more than 150 different types of LED Lights that cater to different markets. Zenray is a passionate LED maker company. What differentiates us is that we are solution provider instead of lighting provider. We recognize our customer needs and we focus on solving their problems. Zenray always emphasizes on bringing more values to our customers through lighting and our knowledge. The true LEDs in Zenray's term is high brightness and low wattage. This has become our benchmark and standard of Zenray. 




We make a customer, not sale.   - Katherine Barchetti

"In the right light, 
at the right place, everything is extraordinary"




You will be experience a whole new level of lighting purchase experience. And today, you will become LEDs expert and smart consumer.

Shopping experience



High brightness and low wattage is our benchmark. We promise to deliver quality lighting with extra values.

We are not ordinary lighting store. We are solution provider that offer proffesional consultation for free. Why buying a light in 3W where you only need to use 1W?



peace of


Still worry about when your light is going to blow off? If you have seen our demostration of product's quality, we bet you will be 100% confident on our product.

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